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What is MUDP?

The vision of the MUDP is that Danish companies should be among the best in the world at developing, commercializing and applying the environmental technology solutions of the future. Therefore, the fund makes DKK 140 million available for projects that promote new, innovative ideas, contribute to a greener world, create jobs in Denmark and export environmental technology.

MUDP has a special focus on projects in the following areas:

  • Climate
  • Circular economy and recycling
  • Nature and biodiversity
  • Clean water and clean air

However, they also provide support for other environmental technology projects if the idea is deemed good enough.

The funds are divided into four project types:

  • Development, test and demonstration projects
  • Flagship projects: Demonstration of full-scale environmental technology solutions
  • Verification of environmentally efficient technologies (ETV) in a fast track
  • Preliminary projects in a fast track

Requirements for MUDP projects

Applications for funding from the MUDP are assessed on their effect on the following parameters:

  • Environmental and resource related potential
  • Commercialization and business potential
  • The project's novelty, incentive effect and professional quality
  • The quality of the project description
  • Contribution to the fulfilment of the UN's world goals, including projects that fall within the framework of the MUDP's focus points

Opportunities with MUDP

MUDP's board of directors would like to see development, test and demonstration projects around the DKK 5-10 million mark.

Additionally, the fund has reserved DKK 7.5 million for verification and preliminary projects, which make it possible to clarify whether there is a basis for proceeding with an environmental technology project. The project must clarify strengths and weaknesses as well as map resources for an actual MUDP project. You can get up to DKK 500,000 for verification and preliminary projects in a fast track.

Aankomende deadlines

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