The Danish Maritime Fund

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Over The Danish Maritime Fund

The Maritime Fund has a yearly budget of app. DKK 50m for co-financing the development of novel products and technologies.

With a successful application to the program, companies will receive:

  • DKK 0,5-2M for technology and product development
  • Initiatives supporting innovation and business development in the maritime sector

The purpose of The Maritime Fund is to strengthen and develop the shipping and ship building industries with the aim of creating new jobs and strengthening the companies in the industry.

Possibilities with The Maritime Fund

The fund was created with the aim of developing and promoting Danish shipping and ship building. This is achieved by providing grants to research, product and technology development, education, recruitment, and other activities with a maritime focus. It is therefore prioritised to offer grants to company related activities, thereby strengthening the growth of the industry and increase employment.

Requirements for support from The Maritime Fund

For an application to be considered, the company or institution must have substantial activities in Denmark, a strong connection, and/or a strong interest in the Danish maritime industry.

There are no specified criteria for the activities supported by the Maritime Fund, however, preference is given to applications that are innovative, forward looking and business oriented, i.e. projects developing the competences and competitiveness of the Danish maritime sector.

Aankomende deadlines

Zie hier de aankomende deadlines voor The Danish Maritime Fund. Houd er rekening mee dat u 1-2 maanden nodig heeft voor de voorbereiding van de aanvraag.


The fund supports innovative activities that help develop skills and competitiveness within the Danish maritime sector. Applicants must have a strong attachment to or strong interest in the Danish maritime industry, i.e. shipping industry, shipbuilding, service providers, research and educational institutions, service organisations and authorities.

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