Horizon Europe: Health

Clinical validation of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for treatment and care

Deadline: 21 september 2021

This call supports projects that validates AI solutions based on existing clinical evidence. The project goal should be to compare benefits of the AI solution to the state-of-the-art. Projects must contribute to all following requirements:

  • Health care professionals have safer decision support systems.
  • Health care professionals can better predict patient response to personalised treatment.
  • Patients have easier access to information about their disease.
  • Better clinical guidelines.


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The Horizon Europe: Health Cluster supports research and innovation that contribute to Europe’s recovery and resilience from the global pandemic as well as projects aimed at the cancer care pathway. There are six specific areas of impact contained in the Health Cluster:

  • Staying healthy in a rapidly changing society
  • Living and working in a health-promoting environment
  • Tackling diseases and reducing disease burden
  • Ensuring access to innovative, sustainable and high-quality health care
  • Unlocking the full potential of new tools, technologies and digital solutions for a healthy society
  • Maintaining an innovative, sustainable and globally competitive health-related industry
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