Horizon 2020 Transportation

MG-2-9-2019: Integrated multimodal, low-emission freight transport systems and logistics (Inco Flagship)

Deadline: 16 januari 2019

Global as well as regional and local freight transport is massively changing due to accelerating technological changes, the establishment of new players in global trade, the rise of protectionism, and the slowing down of economic growth of important partners such as China.

Proposals should address one or more of several aspects including: Understanding how new concepts in logistics have an impact on global freight transport, and on related greenhouse gas emissions; Speed up the process and transition towards the Physical Internet paradigm; Research the range of new issues and questions emerging with the new trade routes to and from Europe, such as the Northern Sea Route; And other aspects.   

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With support from Horizon 2020 Transportation you will be able to conduct international research projects in support of EU policies for transportation. Support will be given to e.g. projects increasing the mobility within aviation, rail, road, water, logistics, urban mobility, infrasctructure, intelligent transportation systems, and green vehicles.

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