GUDP - Green Development and Demonstration Programme

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Over GUDP - Green Development and Demonstration Programme

The Green Development and Demonstration Program (GUDP) provides support for projects in the food industry, that aim to create new and improved technologies and apply the technologies in products, processes and/or services.

The target group for GUDP are actors in the food industry, such as:

  • Private companies
  • Industry organizations
  • Research institutions

Possibilities with GUDP

Upon successful application, participants can achieve:

  • Grant amount of DKK 250,000 - 15 million DKK
  • Network for development partners and market
  • Technology and knowledge supply

The projects can last up to 4 years (network projects, however, a maximum of 2 years).

The assessment criteria

GUDP evaluates applications based on 4 green parameters for sustainability:

  • Limitation of environmental impact from the nutrients (N and P), pesticides and greenhouse gases.
  • Sustainable use of resources.
  • Improving food safety, food quality, human health and nutrition.
  • Gentle production methods.

As well as 2 economic sustainability parameters:

  • The revenue of the project participants.
  • Further economic effect.

Applicants must describe the impact of the project in relation to at least one green and one economic sustainability parameter with realistic, substantiated calculations. Projects that are more holistic in relation to the sustainability parameters are also welcome.

In addition to the sustainability parameters, GUDP emphasizes that the projects should:

  • Be innovative and have a clear news value.
  • Be relevant to the business community with a professional foundation.
  • Have a great commercial potential and a strong business plan.
  • Be driven by a strong team with the right professional and technical qualifications

The fund supports projects throughout the value chain from production to marketing and transport. Projects that address the entire value chain will be prioritised.

Aankomende deadlines

Zie hier de aankomende deadlines voor GUDP. Houd er rekening mee dat u 1-2 maanden nodig heeft voor de voorbereiding van de aanvraag.


The Green Development and Demonstration Programme provides grants for projects in the development or demonstration phase as well as network projects that promote both green and economic sustainability in the food industry. Priority is given to projects with direct, measurable climate effects that address the entire value chain. The fund supports projects between 250,000 and 15 million DKK. However, network projects between 250,000 and 2 million DKK.

In 2023 the fund will give special attention to projects within:

  • Climate
  • Biodiversity
  • Aquatic environment
  • Efficient utilization of resources
  • Value chains

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